If you're like most unions, you have a limited budget for Information Technology, and an even more limited budget for supporting that technology. It's usually crisis management...a workstation has a hardware failure the very day that the books are to be finished for the month, and the backup is nowhere to be found. Checks are due to be cut, the file server loses its mind right at the critical moment, and you've got people screaming to get the job done. You are printing labels for the newspaper to go out right away, and the printer decides suddenly that it forgot how to do that.

These kinds of things happen all the time in the union world; with our certified techs, we have developed methods to help you get beyond crisis management and into proactive problem solving, so that all of those fires get put out before they even start.
  • Backups = Back Up and Running!
    In the event of a hardware failure or virus attack, it can take 4 to 8 hours to repair and reload each workstation, provided you can find all of the original installation disks, updates, and even data--and up to 3 days for a file server. We have developed a solution that backs up everything in your facility--workstations, file servers, all data--on a regular basis, so that even in the worst case scenario, everything is ready to load back on and get moving again right away. We can even provide a service that automates the backups and sends them offsite to our secure servers through a high-speed Internet connection, as often as you want. That means you're back up and running in a flash!

  • Tech SWAT Team
    That's what we like to call it, anyway. Here's how it works: you pre-pay a set number of hours. When you call us, we have a tech diagnosing and fixing the problem either remotely (through software and high-speed Internet connections) or on-site within 4 hours. Guaranteed. You no longer have to worry about getting approval to spend XX amount of money on YY problem so that you can be back up and running, and then finding someone who can do it, and actually getting that someone to your site before the end of the day. When the crisis hits, time is always critical. Let us worry about all of the details and getting you back in the game, while you can relax and know that the best-qualified people are on the job.

  • The Proactive Solution
    This is the cutting edge of support for offices that have a need for help but don't quite know what they need. For a monthly fee, we will come in and perform regular hardware maintenance and cleaning, software updates, and pre-crisis diagnostics.

    For example, it's generally true that nobody updates their virus software, or even their Windows software and operating system, on a regular basis. The staff of most local unions usually has more important things to worry about than that. But the fact is, Operating System and virus signature updates cure a lot of problems, and plug a lot of security holes.

    Our trained techs will also perform diagnostics on older equipment to anticipate equipment failure. Hard disks and power supplies sometimes give off telltale signs that they are about to go bad; our techs can help prevent that from happening at the worst time by diagnosing and curing the problems before failure. We can also clean laser and inkjet printers to maximize equipment life, find memory and processor problems before they become serious...and much more. When combined with an onsite service agreement (the Tech SWAT Team above), you will have a total onsite service package that has you covered all the way...so you can rest easy and know your molehills won't become mountains.